Anne-Mie Melis+
Ending Forms (A Study into New Plant Leaves)

Photographic herbarium of leaves of over-cultivated species. A series of leaf specimens of plants collected from my surroundings (urban, suburban, countryside). I intervened in the outlook of each leaf in a similar way. I found the newly created shapes, sometimes even squared or rectangled, fitted better in for example in its urban setting. This act mirrors individual human actions of how they organise their natural surrounding (think of squared cut garden hedges etc). I mention next to the image of the leaf the place were I collected it or what I was doing, thus the images become like diary entrances of my life during the time of collecting these unique specimens. The leaves were scanned and the images all printed on A4 size paper, presented as a collection.

The work was installed for the show 'The New Botanists' curated by Prof Bernard Moxham at the School of Biosciences at Cardiff University
Anne-Mie Melis