Anne-Mie Melis+
A New Niche for Nature

These moving image files were part of the exhibition 'A New Niche for Nature'. I used real plants and stop-motion techniques to create short films of plants moving in an artificial way, looped and repeated over and over... grasses in different stages of growth (Poa), Bell Heather (Erica cinerea), a variant of Arabidobsis Thaliana (Thale cress) and Sorrel or Narrow-leaved Dock (Rumex acetosa).

A New Niche for Nature was commissioned by Oriel Davies the flora project. The work I have made for the commission was presented as a solo exhibition at Oriel Myrddin Gallery. When starting my research I was intrigued by the river Towy; which has been like a source of life through the history of Carmarthenshire with Carmarthen being an important harbour in Medieval times. I was interested to look into the plant life close to the river, the riparian zone, and to explore wider ecological issues linked to it. These elements were the point of departure for my artwork. From an abstract point of view I explored the interface of land and water, which either originated over time by the formation of landmasses and the action of the water creating rivers (some would refer to this as 'natural') or was fairly recently manmade.

A Study into New Plant Kinetics V (excerpt looped - moving image edit support by Damiaan Melis)
gallery view
Anne-Mie Melis