Anne-Mie Melis+
Riparian Botany (ANNFN)

Riparian Botany, sound piece, 8 min, Jobina Tinnemans and Anne-Mie Melis

The sound piece is dedicated to the dynamics of evolution and biodiversity. For ANNFN I wanted to add a sound element to my work to enhance the viewer’s experience. I invited Jobina Tinnemans to record sounds linked to the river and water and the surrounding nature. She visited me in my studio and recorded my voice speaking out the Latin names of extinct plant species in Wales (ref: A Vascular Plant Red Data List for Wales, Dr Trevor Dines, Plantlife Wales). Jobina then composed a sound piece to accompany my work and this is available to listen to on head phones during the exhibition.

The sound piece was accompanied by the drawing; A Silence, drawing on graph paper, 119 cm x 84 cm. This drawing is inspired by a painting by Albrecht Dürer, The Large Piece of Turf, 1503. This 500 year old artwork has been described by Richard Mabey as painting's discovery of ecology. Nature does not seem to have changed. You could come across a similar scene anywhere, urban or rural. The drawing visualises a plan for a future ecological system.

Prototype for a New Niche for Nature, module O
A Silence (detail), drawing on graph paper, 119 cm x 84 cm
A Silence (detail), drawing on graph paper, 119 cm x 84 cm
Anne-Mie Melis