Anne-Mie Melis
Pontypridd 2120
Pontypridd Museum, spring 2020

In the exhibition Pontypridd 2120, the ‘Think Global, Act Local’ message to plan for the future is looked at and three main questions are answered. In 100 years' time how will we take care of each other and the world around us? In 100 years' time what will our town look like? I contributed to The Tree of Life section and towards the question: In 100 years time what will nature look like?

I worked with pupils of Maesycoed Primary School and artist Catrin Doyle and Young Friends of the Earth to explore ideas around biodiversity and how all living things are connected. In 100 years time what will nature look like, what plants and species will there be?

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Prospective poster of 'The Tree of Life' scenery with questions and answers related to how nature might look like in 100 years time.