Friday, 21 September 2012

Intersections: Science in Contemporary Art at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

Currently I take part in a contemporary art show at the Weizmann Institute of Science together with 34 international artists.
September 22 – December 7, 2012
David Lopatie Conference Centre, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel

Meeting points between science and art are the subject of the exhibition Intersections – Science in Contemporary Art.  Included are 60 works by 34 artists from around the world; each investigates various aspects of science, theory and technology: genetics, alternative energy, research into the nature of the universe and more. By looking at these subjects from “outside the box,” these aesthetic works of art cause us to reflect on science and its relationship to the world.

The artists: Roger Ackling, Maya Attoun, Edward Burtynsky, Daniel Canogar, Susan Collins, Mat Collishaw, Susan Derges, Jacqueline Donachie, Garry Fabian Millar, Spencer Finch, Jem Finer, Peter Fraser, Ori Gersht, Scarlett Hooft-Graafland, Barnaby Hosking, Walter Hugo, Luke Jerram, Eduardo Kac, Lilliane Lijn, Alastair Mackie, Edgar Martins, Anne-Mie Melis, Vincent Mock, David Rickard, Michal Rovner, Karen Russo, Tomer Sapir, Tomas Saraceno, Conrad Shawcross, Suzanne Treister, Troika, Alison Turnbull, Clara Ursitti, Jorinde Voigt and Douglas White.
The curators: Cathy Wills and Carolyne Drake
Sentinel at the Weizmann Institute of Science